Top hip-hop/rap songs in Japan

  • BTS (防弾少年団)#1 Airplane pt.2 (Japanese ver.)
    BTS (防弾少年団)
  • エミネム#2 ヴェノム (ミュージック・フロム・ザ・モーション・ピクチャー)
  • <a class="artist-link" href="">AKLO</a>#3 COUNT ON ME (feat.ZORN)
  • YMG#4 Go Crazy (feat. WILYWNKA, FARMHOUSE & 唾奇)
  • BTS (防弾少年団)#5 FAKE LOVE (Japanese ver.)
    BTS (防弾少年団)
  • 不可思議 / wonderboy#6 Pellicule
    不可思議 / wonderboy
  • ウィズ・カリファ#7 See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth)
  • BTS (防弾少年団)#8 IDOL (Stadium Remix)
    BTS (防弾少年団)
  • BIM#9 BUDDY feat. PUNPEE
  • <a class="artist-link" href="">ZORN</a>#10 Chill Out (feat. AKLO)
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Popular hip-hop songs in Japan

  • エミネム   #1 ヴェノム [Explicit] (ミュージック・フロム・ザ・モーション・ピクチャー)
  • ウィズ・カリファ   #2 See You Again (feat. Charlie Puth)
  • 東京ゲゲゲイ   #3 愛じゃない [Explicit]
  • Chance the Rapper & Quavo DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber   #4 No Brainer [Explicit]
    Chance the Rapper & Quavo DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber
  • エミネム   #5 ヴェノム [Explicit] (ミュージック・フロム・ザ・モーション・ピクチャー)
  • ポスト・マローン   #6 ベター・ナウ [Explicit]
  • 不可思議/WONDERBOY   #7 Pellicule
  • ニッキー・ミナージュ   #8 ベッド [Explicit] [feat. アリアナ・グランデ]
  • t-Ace   #9 マジ遠い
  • t-Ace   #10 : 超ヤバい
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    "SKY HI" topping the charts

    Sunday 15 April 2018

    The songs "Diver's High" and "何様" is topping the charts made by the Japanese artist SKI HI. "Diver's High" is currently both rank 1 on Itunes and Amazon's hip-hop ranking lists. Now if you haven't heard the 何様 (reading: nanisama) track it is time to...

  • comachiwoman

    COMA-CHI releases new music video

    Thursday 12 April 2018

    COMA-CHI have released her new music video for the song "Woman" featured in the album JOMON GREEN. The album was released 16th March and contains 11 tracks. JOMON GREEN タイトル時間1 intro (a message from JOMON) water (feat. Josef Leimberg) Cycle woman (feat. Keyco) snake...

  • SHO Lamborghini

    SHO "Please buy me Lamborghini"

    Tuesday 28 November 2017

    SHO is back and this time he is asking for a Lamborghini, with his track "Please buy me Lamborghini". The one he has in the music video is only rental he says: "Video is only shooting Rentalghini". His lyrics are often straight to the point. Other...

  • Music video for the new "Kanoke" track by ZORN

    Sunday 17 September 2017

    ZORN has released a new music video of the track called "Kanoke", かんおけ in Japanese, meaning "coffin". His new album has just been released on itunes few days ago (2017/9/13).

  • Don't miss out on: AKLO/JAY'ED Different Man

    Friday 15 September 2017

    We wanted to remind you of the latest track from AKLO and Jay'ed which is named "Different Man" which is also a quite different song from the usual. This catchy song came out last month and we can't stop playing it. The song has a metro-vibe...

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