KOHH, SALU & Yurufuwa will perform in Ultra Japan 2017

It has been confirmed that some of the biggest Japanese Rappers, KOHH, SALU & Yurufuwa Gang, will be performing in the Ultra Japan festival this year. KOHH and Salu is big rappers and that they are performing in such a big festival is a huge step for Japanese hip-hop and its popularity. Yurufuwa Gang is one of the latest Japanese hip-hop acts to be getting attention from both Japan and overseas and to have them in this festival too was unexpected but great.

Ultra Japan

Ultra Japan is a 3 day event boasting the world’s top EDM DJ’s with unparalleled stage designs and top tier production. The festival is being held September 16, 17, 18 2017. You can see the full line up of artists here.

Japanese adult film actress joins the rap scene

Apparently the adult film actress Asuka Kirara, 明日花キララ, have joined the Japanese hip hop and rap scene it seems.

Just dropping this new track called “Cho Ero De Gomenne” “Sorry for being extremely erotic” on Twitter on and YouTube. The response is very mixed if you read comments from Twitter and YouTube. Previously there was a track by JP THE WAVY called “Cho Wavy De Gomenne”, meaning “Sorry for my extreme wavy” which has the same kind of beat and style.

Response to Asuka Kirara rapping and making hiphop music

“Not fun at all. Are you stupid?”

“Boring, disgusting”


On YouTube people also were commentating similar things that it was either awesome or bad.


Cool Japanese rap and hip-hop songs 2017

We’ve made a selection of cool Japanese rap and hip-hop songs 2017 we’ve stumbled upon so far. Not too long ago we listed some hot Japanese hip-hop and rap 2017 summer songs, but this time we go harder with the coolest songs only. Tracks that stand out because of its underground sound or hard beat. kZm, Junkman, YDIZZY and DOGMA to name a few are those who released great tracks within this category. The purpose is to find the best and coolest Japanese rap and hip-hop songs of 2017 so if you have any tracks you would like to share please do so in the comments.

Junkman – Keiji no syo feat. DOGMA

We know that when Junkman and DOGMA collaborate, great sound comes out of it. This song is no exception. The song name is 啓示の書, Keiji no syo, and the producer is WATAPACHI which is the same producer that produced the popular song Daijoubu together with Chaki Zulu.

Jin Dogg – アホばっか ft. Young Yujiro & WillyWonka (Producer Warkar)

We actually thought this was one of the more lit ones so don’t miss this one out! Really cool song by the Japanese rapper Jin Dogg from Osaka, Japan. アホばっか, aho bakka, means “everyone are idiots”.


The Japanese rapper YDIZZY becoming more popular every minute, specially after his new album release. DIZZiNESS is the name of the album and it contains 13 different songs. What we’ve selected here is maybe the most psychotic-like, so if you want less craziness there are definitely other tracks that will satisfy you. This one though has a great flow throughout and sure has an underground feeling to it. DIZZiNESS was released 2017.6.7. Check out his other music videos from the new album too if you want. The meaning of the Japanese song title DAMARE is “shut up”.


If you are familiar with the names, you might have noticed that MONYPETZJNKMN stands for MoneyHorse, PETZ and Junkman. They released their first full album 磊 (Reads as “RAI”). What does this mean you might wonder? Well according to a (Japanese) yahoo answers (Yahoo知恵袋) answer,  its meaning refers to the sound of when stones are moving during thunder. This album was released 2017.5.17, which is a good quality album featuring female rapper Awhich, kZm which as you can see on the music video title below, DOGMA and Loota. Having various different of styles and not the same thing over and over again. They have calmer tracks too like SPACY and Uh…Down…, and songs with more hard beats like “Keiji no syo”. We’ve picked SIVA from the same album which is fitting for what we’re looking for at this moment. SIVA has a great deep underground beat, and kZm is featured.


LEON a.k.a.獅子 – GUN SHOT

LEON a.k.a. 獅子 is an artist that continuously keeps showing that he has some great skill and great taste in music style. His latest single GUN SHOT takes us by storm and is certanly worth a listen. 獅子 reads as shishi meaning lion.

kZm – Deadman Walking On The Moon

kZm’s single “Deadman Walking On The Moon” produced by ANJULIECAT has spooky sound and music video. Not every day you see people holding snakes, having their face completely filled with drawn kanji and creepy contact lenses in the same video.

New Japanese hip-hop and rap songs of summer 2017 to check out

The summer is in its full glory in the Japanese rap scene. We’ve gathered songs of hip-hop and rap songs summer 2017 that we think are worth checking out. Music producer Chaki Zulu is a name that keeps popping up because of his great beats which many of the Japanese rappers use. See his soundcloud here. YDIZZY‘s latest album DIZZiNESS featuring many great tracks where Chaki as producer. We also have the highly anticipated new album from Awich where many various rappers like YOUNG JUJU is featured. We also got some other artists that aren’t expected that we hope you can have the pleasure of discovering for the first time.

YDIZZY – OMW (on my way)

Scha Dara Parr and EGO-WRAPPIN colloborated song “Microboy and microgirl”.

Awhich – Remember featuring YOUNG JUJU

KOWICHI / Shōnan bitter sweet


DOTAMA – Press conference apology

Junkman – 啓示の書 feat. DOGMA (Producer WATAPACHI)

AKKO GORILLA and STUTS collaboration

AKKO GORILLA (あっこゴリラ) and the hip-hop beatmaker & MPC player has collaborated and the results is amazing.

Last month we didn’t report about this because the reality was that we didn’t find it until recently. The song in our opinion deserves much more listening. The song we are talking about is her most recent single “YELLOW FEVER” (黄熱病 in Japanese). You can see that the music video has only about 13.000 views, released in February 28 2017 on YouTube. For that reason we wanted to give the song more attention and perhaps introduce the artist herself AKKO GORILLA to you.

She has first released the album ‘Tokyo Banana’ January 2016, then later she released Back to the Jungle’ EP last November. They all were well received and she seems to grow more and more.



New music video from CHANMINA has just been released on YouTube from her just-released new album “未成年”. You can listen on it below. Image from chanmina.com.


There have been a lot of discussion in the comments about her changed style. She has definitely moved from hip-hop to j-pop music. She also commentated about this and said that’s more of what she wants to do, rather than just hip-hop. We’ve covered this in our last article.  It is also said that she has lost 10 kg according to YouTube user HONOKA, and therefore become much skinnier than before.

Translated Tweet below.

Everyone, thanks for watching as always. From your happy words and even your sad words I can learn a lot and they give me a strong power.

The album has been released. So tonight from 10 a.m./p.m., I will present an Instagram live for all of you! Please watch it, I’m a little bit afraid of not being a good speaker but I’d be glad to tell you a lot of things, including about the new album. Don’t miss it! See you there!


Two days before Chanmina’s “未成年” (MISEINEN) album release

The time has come for the artist the blew up after having great viewcounts for her PRINCESS and FXXKER tracks on YouTube. In just two days, the 8th March her new album releases. This album is called 未成年, which means “minor”.  Chanmina was also featured in our 10 Great female Japanese rappers.

Prev of the album

As you can hear from the preview and the most recent released LADY you can tell she is moving away from the rapping scene in regards to music genre. More of the songs are more j-pop rather than hip-hop and rap. According to YouTube comments she has commentated on this and said that she want to do music, rather than just hip-hop. Below are some comments from the LADY track. Below is some discussion about this (all comments from one same thread).


She stopped stopped rap? it seems so

smile __fly

Originally, she wanted to become a singer she said, so that’s what she is doing as well I think.


She herself said, “What I want to do rather than rap is just music. More music than hip-hop.
If you knew this already I am sorry.


01. 未成年 Feat. めっし (NEW MIX)
04. She’s Gone
05. LADY
06. ナニモコワクナイ
07. Princess (NEW MIX)
08. Wonderland
09. OVER
10. UR like ME
11. ダイキライFeat. ちゃんみな / TeddyLoid (BONUS TRACK)

Possible collaboration with Reichi

Perhaps we might see Chanmina do a collaboration with Reichi in the future of some tracks. Reason why this could be a possibility is because they seem to be good friends according to this video. Reichi is another really hot Japanese female rapper right now who blew up after dropping the track Betty Girl. Hopefully we can see a collaboration in the future between the two Japanese rappers.

Translated YouTube comments of the new track about “Shaved head and Beard” from SHO

The most recent song from SHO is all about shaved head and beard. Yes that’s right, he is literally saying “shaved head” and “beard” repeatedly through the song.

  • Bouzu means shaved head
  • Hige means beard

The lyrics kind of goes like this so you can sing along..

1982 bouzu ni hige bouzu ni hige, bouzu ni hige! bbobobobo bouzu, hige! HIGE! bouzuni hige! hige! bobobo-bouzu bouz bouzu hige hihihihihi ge (and so forth).




I think you get the jest of it. Now does this mean anything? We don’t know and people are speculating and giving their opinion in the YouTube comment field. We’ve decided to translate some YouTube comments for you. From the top comments.


Priest, what are you doing naked?!?



Hey your body gotten stronger than before!! Shaved head and beard and muscles!



I am the same age to be this stupid is incredible..

karu er


By saying the same things.. does he have alzheimer’s?






Meaning is deep…

スリッパ スリッパ


Even if I don’t understand the real meaning of this it is somehow cool



Cute nipples. Okay if I suck ’em?



This is coool


New Japanese Rap Music Videos in February

Last month, February, there was a few good Japanese rap and hip-hop music videos that were released. Quite a month for Japanese rap and hip-hop music! They are all down below that you can check out and listen to.

KOWICHI – 1人でしない

From the newly released (2017-02-24) REP IN MY CITY PT. 2 album there is this song that just got released called  1人でしない, meaning, “not alone”. More than Kowichi himself DJ TY-KOH and Young Hastle featured in the song.

RYUZO – Melody Lane

Maybe one of the YouTube comments describes this song the best, “新曲なのに懐かしく感じる……” by Fashion kiLLar, saying “Even if it’s a new song it feels nostalgic”.

Y’S –  Lazy

Just like Kowichi, Y’S have just released a new album, the SMALL ASIAN THE MIXTAPE 2 featuring as many as 21 different tracks.


Quite surprisingly graphic music video released from Japanese rapper MARIA. She sings about drinking an (non caffeine) energy alcohol drink called “SPASA“. Their slogan, “Awaken the Samurai within”.