Top hip-hop/rap songs in Japan right now

  • 変態紳士クラブ#1 Sorry
  • <a class="artist-link" href="">BLOOM VASE</a>#2 Bluma to Lunch
  • SIMON & YMG#3 どうってことねぇ (feat. ¥ellow Bucks & 漢 a.k.a. GAMI) [Remix]
  • <a class="artist-link" href="">Def Tech</a>#4 My Way
    Def Tech
  • CrazyBoy#5 OH feat. 清水翔太, OZworld
  • <a class="artist-link" href="">Creepy Nuts</a>#6 かつて天才だった俺たちへ
    Creepy Nuts
  • <a class="artist-link" href="">ZORN</a>#7 Rep feat. MACCHO
  • BAD HOP#8 Friends (feat. Vingo, JP THE WAVY, Benjazzy, YZERR & LEX)
  • BAD HOP#9 Suicide (feat. Tiji Jojo, Hideyoshi & Jin Dogg) [Remix]
  • <a class="artist-link" href="">KEN THE 390</a>#10 Overall (feat. R-指定 & 般若)
    KEN THE 390
Hip-hop and rap top songs data retrived from Japanese Itunes Store. Updates hourly.


Latest Published

  • HENTAI SHINSHI CLUB releases new song Sorry

    Friday 26 February 2021

    Just a few hours ago the musical group HENTAI SHINSHI CLUB (advice: don't google search this name...), in Japanese "変態紳士クラブ", premeried their song Sorry. Take a listen and see if you would like it. It is current topping the music charts.

  • thejapaneserap2020

    Best Japanese Rap songs in 2020

    Tuesday 01 December 2020

    The year was actually filled with new music from the Japanaese rap and hop-hop scene that are worth to check out! We will be listing our favorites which we think are the best ones from this year. Awich - 洗脳 feat. DOGMA & 鎮座DOPENESS (Prod....

  • Def Tech back with their old hit My Way is back

    Monday 30 November 2020

    Def tech is back with their old hit "My Way" which consists of Shen and Micro who had their band active between 2005-2007, and then got active again from year 2010 and still is today. From their album My Way released 2005 they had a...

  • SKY-HI

    "SKY HI" topping the charts

    Sunday 15 April 2018

    The songs "Diver's High" and "何様" is topping the charts made by the Japanese artist SKI HI. "Diver's High" is currently both rank 1 on Itunes and Amazon's hip-hop ranking lists. Now if you haven't heard the 何様 (reading: nanisama) track it is time to...

  • comachiwoman

    COMA-CHI releases new music video

    Thursday 12 April 2018

    COMA-CHI have released her new music video for the song "Woman" featured in the album JOMON GREEN. The album was released 16th March and contains 11 tracks. JOMON GREEN タイトル時間1 intro (a message from JOMON) water (feat. Josef Leimberg) Cycle woman (feat. Keyco) snake...

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