Japanese Rap and Hip-Hop News

  • Leon Fanourakis – SHISHIMAI


    SHISHIMAI was released on January 22 2021 by Leon Fanourakis, an album you shouldn’t miss! Leon Fanourakis is certainly keeping […]

  • HENTAI SHINSHI CLUB releases new song Sorry


    Just a few hours ago the musical group HENTAI SHINSHI CLUB (advice: don’t google search this name…), in Japanese “変態紳士クラブ”, […]

  • thejapaneserap2020

    Best Japanese Rap songs in 2020


    The year was actually filled with new music from the Japanaese rap and hop-hop scene that are worth to check […]

  • Def Tech back with their old hit My Way is back


    Def tech is back with their old hit “My Way” which consists of Shen and Micro who had their band […]

  • SKY-HI

    “SKY HI” topping the charts


    The songs “Diver’s High” and “何様” is topping the charts made by the Japanese artist SKI HI. “Diver’s High” is […]

  • comachiwoman

    COMA-CHI releases new music video


    COMA-CHI have released her new music video for the song “Woman” featured in the album JOMON GREEN. The album was […]

  • SHO Lamborghini

    SHO “Please buy me Lamborghini”


    SHO is back and this time he is asking for a Lamborghini, with his track “Please buy me Lamborghini”. The one […]

  • Music video for the new “Kanoke” track by ZORN


    ZORN has released a new music video of the track called “Kanoke”, かんおけ in Japanese, meaning “coffin”. His new album […]

  • Don’t miss out on: AKLO/JAY’ED Different Man


    We wanted to remind you of the latest track from AKLO and Jay’ed which is named “Different Man” which is also […]

  • KOHH, SALU & Yurufuwa will perform in Ultra Japan 2017


    It has been confirmed that some of the biggest Japanese Rappers, KOHH, SALU & Yurufuwa Gang, will be performing in […]